Technical SEO

You have noticed an increase of links to your domain, but have yet been placed on a good Google ranking? It is likely that a neglected or suboptimal on-page optimisation is the reason for that! A SEO analysis of your website regarding technical aspects from Trust Agents will take care of it! We identify the factors, which are hindering search engines to place your website at the top.

As a technical versified SEO agency, we analyse your website regarding the following aspects:

  • Internal links: Do search engines understand, which contents are especially important to you?
  • Crawling optimisation: Do search engines crawl your most relevant websites regularly?
  • Indexation management: Which contents should be excluded from indexation?
  • Speed optimisation: How can the loading speed be increased?
  • HTML optimisation: Are semantic awards being optimally used?

Increase your relevance of your websites for important search terms through a technical SEO audit!