SEA workshops and seminars

You can expect:

  • Flexible determination of focus and important topics
  • Presentations tailored to target groups and requirements
  • Knowledgeable speakers with a wealth of experience
  • Individual contents customised to your needs
  • Flexibility of presentation time and place

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Our SEA workshop approach:

As a pull marketing channel, SEA is ideal for generating new customers. You can scale, regulate and optimise your campaign to win new customers efficiently. A transparent exchange will take place to share best practices with you and reinforce your learning experience with practical exercises. With your new knowledge, you can take your company to the next level, ensure you gain an advantage over your competitors and achieve your targets more efficiently.

Our consultants are trained to ensure they always make the most of our SEA campaigns. We like to pass on this knowledge to our customers. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced – we can find just the right course for you, as our customer, by discussing your needs with you.

SEA seminar content:

The content presented during your course is completely in line with your requirements. We work together to consider your focus and topics of importance and synchronise these with your needs and your target group. One example of the potential focus of an SEA workshop is as follows:

  • Basic workshop:
    • Basic SEA knowledge
    • Determination of key figures and their relation
    • Structure and useful tools search engine interface
    • Campaign creation
    • Campaign optimisation
  • Advanced SEA:
    • Account and keyword analysis
    • A / B testing (landing pages, advertisement texts)
    • Reach generation (e.g. RLSA)
    • Tracking analysis
  • [...]:
    • Campaign structure
    • Keyword analysis
    • A / B testing (landing pages, advertisement texts)
    • RLSA