SEA audits and analyses

What you can expect:

  • Joint assessment of your main topics
  • Overall evaluation of your SEA account with a focus on usability and conversions
  • Comprehensive appraisal and simple explanations
  • Specific and tailored recommendations
  • Expert partners with a wealth of experience in various areas

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Stefan Belz Askari

One of Trust Agents' strengths is their conceptual approach: instead of randomly stringing measures together, they developed an individual and holistic concept that exceeded all our expectations.
If the topics are complex, Trust Agents is willing to take over the management and leads the implementing agency to their goal. Quality control and result monitoring are both self-evident in this context, and they are always pleasant to deal with. A clear recommendation!

Stefan Belz, Online Marketing Manager - Askari

Our audit approach:

As a first step, we examine the current phase of your organisation and your SEA account. Based on this, we then have a discussion with you to set our objectives. These could be increased reach in keyword development, improved click rates or a greater number of cost-effective conversions.

In our analyses, we can highlight hidden potentials to achieve ideal rankings.

On the basis of your business model and internal structures, we also evaluate which measures can be implemented quickly. In this respect, we pursue the aim of developing short-, medium-, and long-term solutions for sustainable success.

Our SEA analysis:

All necessary measures are happen after consulting you, with our focus always being to reach our objectives. Our SEA Audit focuses on the following points:

  • Account and campaign structure
  • Campaign management and ad groups
  • Definition of SEA specific KPIs
  • Keywords
  • Negative keywords
  • Ads and ad extensions
  • Landingpages
  • Bidding strategy

When is the right time for a SEA audit?

If one of the following points applies to you, you may want to consider a SEA audit:

  • Your costs exceed your profits
  • Clicks, leads or revenues are constantly declining
  • You are missing your goals
  • Your ads aren't being played
  • The quality of your leads is insufficient