Native advertising

With Trust Agents you will be able to achieve measurable success. Your success will be our responsibility, from the initial analysis up until the operative implementation. Trust us as an efficient and effective partner, with long-standing experience when it comes to native advertising.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Targeting made specifically for you
  • Increase of your reach and brand visibility
  • Competent contact persons with long-standing Native expertise
  • Holistic support including view of the usability and conversion
  • No ties to long contract terms

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Why Native advertising?

Native advertising has the advantage, that your ads will be integrated organically in an editorial environment, meaning that the user won’t directly identify as advertisement. It is important, that your advertisement offers an added value, in order to draw their attention towards your relevant content. Especially nowadays, in the time of banner blindness when it comes to classical online-banner and increasing access numbers over mobile devices, native advertising is especially efficient.

Native advertising - the full service:

Our Native advertising process:

Native advertising process

Starting point of our native advertising process is the analysis of your content. We do this by performing an inventory, where we evaluate your content based on the target audience, marketing potential and reach. We compare them with your competitors as well.

Using this initial analysis we set the goal for this campaign. Together with you we define goals, which are SMART (specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic time bound).

Using the objective and your potential assessment, we develop a native advertising process, which was specifically made for you. You will receive a specific overview regarding the recommended marketing measures.

In the implementation phase we take over the complete campaign management: from the choice of advertising material and the selection of the publisher all the way up to the continuous performance optimisation.

Open dialog is very important for us. This is why we will send you detailed weekly and monthly reporting and monitoring, which are made specifically for you and thusly build the foundation for a extensive data evaluation and success analysis as well as optimisation measures. These will also help when developing future content and drawing valuable insights.