Link marketing workshops and seminars

You can expect:

  • Flexible determination of main topics that are important for you
  • Presentations customised to your needs and target groups
  • Knowledgeable speakers with a wealth of experience
  • Individual content
  • Flexibility of link marketing seminar scheduling and location

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Tobias Quebe Universität des Saarlandes

Our expectations of the SEO workshop for our startups could hardly be higher considering Trust Agents' references. Nevertheless, Trust Agents managed to exceed them with a 10-hour crash course.

The participants were impressed by the high level of expertise and teaching skills. Respect! And many thanks for the engaging performance!

Tobias Quebe, Set-up Advisor - University of Saarland

Our approach for link marketing workshops:

Our approach for link marketing workshops:

Every company needs a different form of link marketing. That is why we always prepare a workshop tailored to your individual needs. Does your off-page strategy tend towards link marketing? Or more towards content? Either way, we always begin where you need our help.

Content of our link marketing courses:

During our link marketing courses, our only focus is you. You are the one who determines the scope of the seminar: We decide on the main topics that you consider to be most important. A link marketing course may contain the following themes:

  • Importance of backlinks and brand reputation
  • Limit of the backlinks ranking factor
  • Link building development (review, prospects)
  • Risk management and link dismantling
  • Insight into a link marketing process
  • Research, evaluation and selection of link sources
  • Cooperation requests and negotiations
  • Link placement and content creation
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Insight into a link baiting process
  • Success factors in link baiting
  • Brainstorming and success cases
  • Project management
  • Reporting and monitoring
  • Tools and useful plug-ins