Content audits and analyses

You can expect:

  • Qualitative and quantitative content rating
  • Identification of unused capability
  • Creative, inspirational and individual content ideas
  • Specific recommendations for action customised to your needs
  • Competent contact people with a wealth of experience

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Radoslav Shishkov Haufe

We have been working with Trust Agents for many years on a strategic and operative level. Through different measures we have been able to improve the information architecture of our platforms significantly. By doing so we also increased our KPI's significantly.
Together with Trust Agents we reworked our internal editorial processes and gave the editorial department the tools they needed to improve their articles and make them more user- and search engine friendlier.

Radoslav Shishkov, SEO Manager - Haufe

Our content audit approach:

You can only provide your users with a professional online appearance with a detailed analysis of your website’s content. It is therefore essential to undertake regular audits. This is the only way to find out why your competitors do better or why your website’s visibility is declining. With our expertise and selected tools, we can help you navigate this extensive topic. From preparation to implementation and analyses – we can be your point of contact throughout the entire process.

We undertake a qualitative and quantitative content investigation and provide you with three different types of content audits: choose either an entire, partial or focused audit. We can, of course, advise you on which audit is right for you.

When we have identified your content’s weakness(es), we naturally propose ideas for improvement that are both realistic and appropriate for implementation. This will enable you to achieve your business targets with your website in the future.

Content analysis topics:

You determine the extent of our content audit. This means, that we do the necessary ground work to agree which content should be classified and valued and which topic should be focused on, if necessary. Below you can find an overview of possible topics of a content audit:

  • Page name and URL
  • Content quality
  • Text length and number of words
  • Tonality and target audience
  • Topicality and SEO relevance
  • Readability
  • Representation method (text, picture, video)
  • Title
  • Meta description
  • Internal and external links
  • Content format
  • Keyword optimisation

The perfect time for a content audit:

Generally speaking, you can undertake a content audit at any time to get a detailed overview of your content and its value. But there are four occasions when a content audit is essential:

  • You are planning a complete website relaunch
  • You are planning a partial website redesign
  • You are striving to implement new features, modules or content sites
  • You would like to introduce a new content management system