Detect onpage errors with our free onpage monitoring tool!

You have just released a new SEO feature and suddenly it’s gone after a website update. Even worse though, no one notices it at first. Sounds familiar? We have the solution for this problem! For those who are in a hurry: Here’s the direct download link.

Several websites temporarily lost their visibility within the organic search due to unintentional adjustments. With our free onpage monitoring tool based on Google Sheets, you can control the SEO conformity of your own website.

onpage monitoring tool

What can the onpage monitoring tool do?

With our onpage monitoring tool you have the possibility to monitor the (in)existence of texts and tags in the source text and HTTP headers of up to 100 pages.

Example cases:

  • Does the page title contain the requested text “onpage monitoring tool”?
  • Is the pagination excluded from indexing?
  • Does the h2 heading contain the word “agency”?
  • Is “onpage monitoring tool” the exact h1 heading as wanted?
  • Is the canonical URL being defined?
  • Are the 12 hreflang tags on the page being found?
  • Are all redirections still active?
  • Is the meta description being shown as expected?

In short: with the tool you can overview if the relevant SEO values and tags are still on the page or if these have been changed.

With the opportunity of automatically checking the page in regular intervals, you can (almost) completely disregard manual checks. We have integrated an email alert function, so you can get informed about any unwanted changes. If the success rate falls under your target value, you will get an email notification from the tool.

Enough said! How do I get the tool?

If you have any questions, you should check the user documentation. You can send us your questions and suggestions on the tool as comments under this post. Moreover we are also there for you per e-mail under Your feedback will be considered when developing a new version of the tool. You will always find the latest version of the tool on this page.

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