Online marketing specialist literature and e-books

Trust Agents has so far published the following online marketing specialist literature and e-books in German:

Something with internet

Published November 2017 from Luis Hanemann & Dr Markus Dirr

How do I develop a succeful digital business model? This book covers exactly this question, and guides the reader on the right path with a 45 min. toolbox.
This book is brimming with 20 years of experience in e-commerce, data-driven marketing, change & start-ups, as well as valuable tools to implement your own business concepts.

SEO with Google Search Console

Published in February 2017 by Stephan Czysch

With Search Console, Google provides every webmaster with a free-of-charge powerful tool to improve your own website or app regarding aspects of SEO. This book teaches you everything about Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools and SEO in general.

Technical SEO: Success with sustainable search engine optimisation

Published in February 2015 by Stephan Czysch, Benedikt Illner & Dominik Wojcik

In early 2015, our management introduced the first specialist book to the market, focusing on technical search engine optimisation, published by O’Reilly. Whether mobile SEO, page speed optimisation, structured data or AJAX: this book will tell you everything you need to know about the technical optimisation of your website.

Search Engine Optimization with Google Webmaster Tools

Published in July 2014 by Stephan Czysch

Together with O’Reilly, our manager Stephan Czysch published the first specialist book about Google Webmaster Tools in the summer of 2014. If you want to know how to optimise your website for free using Google Webmaster Tools, you should read this book.

The big practical guide for online marketing

Published in July 2012 by Data Becker, written by Dominik Wojcik

Dominik Wojcik and Andre Alpar cover all aspects of online marketing in this book. With more than 700 pages, you are sure to find constructive and immediately practical instructions for highly profitable online marketing measures.

E-book: Google Webmaster Tools

Published in July 2012 by Stephan Czysch

In this free e-book about Google Webmaster tools, our manager Stephan Czysch discusses all aspects of this free SEO tool. It contains profitable information waiting for you to discover and convert into your SEO enhancement in Webmaster Tools